Thank you for all your work! I think I'm going to throw a party once it turns up SOLD in our system! You've done such a great job on the properties I've given you lately - you're tops on my list for the Sacramento area!

Julie C. Famulari, Asset Manager
Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc.


Your doing a great job! You're on top of your trash outs. Your BPO's are right on! And you get properties under contract within 30 days. When I get the inventory in the Sacramento area - it's all yours!

Sean Zwerger, Asset Manager
Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc.


The next properties I get in your area will be assigned to you for sure! Thank you for all your hard work. And thanks for your performance with my inventory...

Stephanie Weglarz, Asset Manager
Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc


I'm in the Braintree, MA office outside of Boston home of champions. Your team did a great job with this file. We will definitely look for you when we assign assets in your counties. Thank you!

Fredo Paul, Asset Manager
Nationwide REO Brokers, Inc.

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