REO Portfolio Asset Management

Loss mitigation and preservation of REO asset values are our principal concern. We leverage and interact closely with our network of real estate field service professionals, property managers, real estate brokers, attorneys, insurers, data sources and other industry professionals in order to effectively manage your REO portfolio.

REO Marketing Services

Our REO team helps investors effectively market their REO portfolio through our extensive network of real estate professionals and a robust Internet presence.

We'll also put our range of web based marketing programs to work for you in helping to market your REO portfolio, including: Below Market REO, Bid on REO, Buy and Sell REO, Discounted REO, and Real Estate Owned Seller.

To accomplish the most professional and comprehensive approach to asset management and disposition, we have staffed departments with specialists in the key areas listed below.

REO Management Services:

  • Evictions.
  • Cash For Keys.
  • Relocation Assistance.
  • Appraisals.
  • Value Reconciliation.
  • Repairs.
  • National Unit Pricing Database Information.
  • Routine Maintenance and Utility Company Coordination.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • Accounts Receivable.
  • Asset Management.
  • Closing Management

You could be getting a greater return on your assets in a shorter time-frame with Innovative Foreclosure Services. We offer a more cost effective way of managing REO properties than handling them in-house.

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