REO Bulk Foreclosure Pools

With today's economic outlook, dwindling Stock prices, falling Mutual fund Values, Sharp declines in The Dow Industrial Average, and heavy losses in Portfolio values around the world, REO Bulk purchases offer savvy investors huge opportunities to obtain profits unreachable in any other current market sector.

Purchasing a portfolio of bank owned assets is a win-win situation for the investors/investor pools and for the reluctant beneficiary of foreclosure acquired properties.

REO Management, Trash Removal/disposition, Sales Cleans, Inspections, Eviction costs, County/Utility Fees/Liens, Property Preservation/Security, Repairs, Maintenance, Legal Fees, and liquidity issues are all costs forced on banks and institutional owners of foreclosed property.

All these costs add up and motivate banks to sell these REO assets as quickly as possible. That equates to buying opportunities for Private Equity, Portfolio Investors, Investment Pools and Private Investors with liquid funds.

We work with Banks, Asset Companies, Hedge Funds and other financial institutions in order to obtain Bulk REO inventory to meet our clients needs.

REO Bulk Foreclosure Services:
  • Locate investment pool options
  • Analyze the pool of assets
  • Offer and acquire foreclosure pool portfolios
  • Manage/maintain and sell the pool of assets







Why are there such large amounts of REO'S? Well mostly it is due to the changing real estate and capital markets, the sub prime mortgage collapse, and adjustable rate mortgages increases. This is why there has been an enormous influx of foreclosures and distressed properties nationwide.

We work directly with compilers at major banks and hedge-funds that are unloading big blocks of REOs. Banks need to move the bulk units to maintain regulatory and liquidity requirements. REO Bulk Portfolios are being offered at incredible discounts. The larger the sale the greater the discount.

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